HEAL by owning your story.
IMPACT by opening up about it.

How can I help?

Mentoring themes

I offer high-level private mentoring for conscious changemakers, speakers, leaders and healers. We pick up where you are in the process of thriving after crisis right now:


You feel stuck and trapped inside your own struggle right now. Many feelings, thoughts and lack of clear sight. Let’s get you back on your feet, unblock where you’re stuck and reconnect you to your inner freedom. Read more


Take a step back and take time to find the meaning behind life changing events, struggles and crisis in your life. Learn how to connect the dots and which life lessons are there awaiting for you. Reconnect to the wholeness you are. Read more


You know it’s your time to step up and enter your next level in your life as changemaker. You are ready to move from your life story with lots of events going on, to connecting on a deep level with your Soul’s mission and the gift you’ve been given in this lifetime. Open up for the qualities that show up behind thriving these crises and start consciously leave your legacy. Read more


You are ready to deepen and fully liberate their authentic leadership. Let me show you where your facades are still masking your authenticity and your impact is still limited, so you can lead with real impact, inspire others by being your true self, lead by example and help your people to find their authentic leadership as well. Read more

Ready to find out which part of the process you’re in and what results are possible for you right now? 

Group coaching

Prefer to work in a group program? The Game Changers Legacy Academy group program might be the best fit for you. This is an amazing valuable, deep and intimate program that learns you how to turn your life changing story into a message that inspires others to grow and leaves your legacy. This program is a combination of high-end live coaching,  an amazing online academy with tools, teachings and my step by step Game Changers Legacy™ method for you to find your story,  transform it into your message and learn how to lead by that legacy.

Get on the VIP-waitinglist, so you’ll be the first to know when new spots in this group program will open up. Being on the list doesn’t commit you to anything.

Want to have a chat first, to see whether your question will fit a group program or a private mentoring journey? Book your call and together we’ll find out soon.

Expert speaker topics

I’m an experienced speaker on stage, online summits and podcasts. My areas of expertise:

  1. Authentic Leadership
  2. Thriving after Crisis
  3. Leading after a life with Cancer
  4. Inner Freedom & Authentic Presence
  5. Female Empowerment, Female Leadership

Send an email to request me as a an expert or guest speaker and teacher on your stage, in your group, on your podcast show or online summit.  


Amazing tools

Through 15+ years of study and experience I’ve created my own methods, that are a fusion of the best of all worlds and combines psychological science, spiritual practices, years of experience and creative mentorship. Which I adapt for every client, since nobody’s essence and journey is exactly the same.
In particular I want to mention 3 tools here:

  1. My Game Changers Legacy™ method
    A step by proven step method for you to find your story,  transform it into your message and learn how to lead by that legacy.
  2. My Heart-Journal® method
    Heart-Journalen® is the most amazing enjoyable creative tool to:
    open up to your inner world
    – connect to yourself on a deep level in a fun and joyful way
    – unleash your unique voice
    – unleash your creativity in a playful way
  3. Healy frequency 
    Frequency therapy & bio-resonance in a pocket size device to heal, elevate and bring back your energy,  create really attractive high energy vibes and feel free. Also it helps us with left overs from like chronic pains, extreme fatigue, sleeping problems, low energy, chemo-dust, wound or scarves healing and more – we do NOT have to live with them!!

Leontine Boxem is the life & legacy coach and creative mentor for conscious changemakers, speakers, healers and leaders. She’s an award-winning author and speaker. Her work is deeply rewarding and transformational.  and she leads by example.
She’s a leading expert in authentic leadership, inner freedom, thriving after crisis and leading after living with cancer and is known for her hands-on shadow work (‘we go deep without drama’).

In her work she combines psychological science, spiritual practices, years of experience and creative mentorship.

Her mission is to end the silence and loneliness around personal struggles in leadership, to hold space for those who hold space for others and to show them how owning the difficult parts of their life’s story, welcome them as a true gift and so fully OWN their life’s story – will make them even more free and powerful, since this will lead them into their Souls mission and Legacy.

As a survivor of leukemia (blood cancer) she transformed her crisis into the biggest gift and vision for her life. Now she thrives by sharing that gift with others. This is where her Game Changers Legacy™ methode was developed that she now uses in private mentoring as well in here signature group program.


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