The breakthrough
you have been waiting for

Freedom in life, love and leadership only truly exists
when you have access to the fullness of who you are
and how you can serve and expand in the most authentic and fulfilling way.



Let me help you find that final piece of the puzzle, and set you up for a LIFE in FREEDOM - so you can get faster, and with less resistance to where you ENVISION to be in LIFE, BUSINESS & LEADERSHIP.

This is how YOU can unlock your essence
& EXPAND your impact:

See below the ways we can work together, be it in private 1-on-1 setting, in my signature program, or during a retreat on Ibiza (private or group).

1-on-1 personalized high end coaching executive coaching by coach Leontine Boxem, to become free and unstoppable and life her full impact in life, business and leadership


Personalized and exclusive 1-on-1 coaching. Direct, privately holding space, adjusted to your time, scope and needs. Focused on your specific situation, questions, story, desires and challenges - to accelerate your growth and transformation. 

All 1-on-1 coaching programs start with a deep dive session and last at least three months to make sure your changes successfully conquer the normal obstacles of life & work.

Private spots are limited, and only possible when I feel a deep 'yes' to your journey and desire and readyness to grow and evolve. You need to be ready. This is why we celebrate huge wins in short amount of time with the little drama and deep transformations.

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SIGNATURE PROGRAM The Freedom Code™ Program 

A yearlong container where I hold space for you to clear the depths that have been holding you back, and to rise beyond your own limitations.

A year where authenticity, impact & joy will (finally) come together.

Where you'll find your own personal (and very unique) Code To Freedom™ to heal what's holding you back in life, love and leadership. So you can be the person you're meant to be without holding back.

A golden combination of group coaching, community, combined with in-depth 1:1 guidance and the most powerful online Academy full of teachings. The program is set up in a way that offers both universal elements as personalized unique elements. You choose your entry level, additional focus on business & leadership and amount of 1-on-1 support. 

More about the program

PRIVATE RETREAT on IBIZA to find your Code To Freedom™

Personal intensive guidance on the amazing island of Ibiza. Fast-track to your next big leap.

Full privacy guaranteed.

Deep dive sessions combined with relaxation and integration time.

Depending on your wishes I'll book you one or more sessions with local specialist or I'll book you a ticket for highly recommended ceremonies to taste the local ibiza lifestyle.

Private retreat are always followed up by 1-1 check-in support for the month after.

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'Step into your full presence Retreat program'The retreat program to find and unblock the invisible and unseen undercurrent that is holding you back from living your full impact in life, work and leadership. 

A 5-day group retreat on ibiza, with 3-month follow-up & integration - so that you will not only experience an highly transformative week which will bring you in connecting with yourself and come out with a huge 'high', but also to get the change to have it all really integrated into your daily life and work once you're back home.

Beautiful scenery, in nature of Ibiza, enjoying her sacred and transformative energy.

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1-on-1 personalized high end coaching executive coaching by coach Leontine Boxem, to become free and unstoppable and life her full impact in life, business and leadership


Inspirational and transformative talks.

Leontine's style is direct, positive, deep without drama, transformative and free.

See a list of recent talks and expertise topics. 

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GUEST TEACHER on your Online Summit or Program

Teacher in heart and soul.
Shares and teaches with passion & expertise.

See MEDIA KIT for bio, list of recent talks, guest teachings, publications, contact info.

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Not sure what fits your needs?

Book a call with Leontine to have little chat and see what will bring you the best results in a way that suits you.

How this works:

  1. Click the button and follow the steps as shown to book a time and date for our call.
  2. During the call I'll let you share your situation and question/ desire, help you get clear on what's your next step to get the results you're looking for.
  3. When I feel we're resonating well, I will make a personalized offer. You are free to feel into the offer and decide if it is what you want.
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Whatever brings you here …

Your next big leap – Following your Path – Resilience – Stepping into your full power – Creating the life and impact you wish for - Writing (and publishing) Your Personal Story - Conscious Living & Soulful Leading after Cancer – Thriving after the crisis – Inner Leadership - Leading Edge Leadership for Visionaries – ‘Your special topic` 

... although my work is know for it fast and deep results, I also ask you to commit some time with me and the process you step into. For a good reason:

1. to make sure your transformations and changes successfully conquer the normal obstacles of life (because they will show up, that's only natural).

2. to make sure you will not only have a few wins and just an initial leap - but many more that come from that next level that you will reach soon.

All containers (1:1 mentoring, retreats, signature program) they all are: 

  • Deep without drama
  • Transformative
  • Life changing
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