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Your Code to Freedom™  reveals how you’re uniquely wired to thrive in life, business and leadership. It will give you powerful permission to lean into your natural rhythm and flow, to overcome resistance and inner blocks so you can live you most authentic expressed life and unlock the remaining 20% of their potential. The power of the Freedom Code Formula ™ lies in the deep universal codes, placed in the light of the profoundly unique personal situation

Freedom Code™ 1:1 single session  

Preferably we work together for at least 3 months -to make sure your changes successfully conquer the normal obstacles of life & work.
But sometimes it's a good option to book a single session: When you want to experience working with me and the Freedom Code methodology and the effects - before you decide if and how to follow up with a long term coaching container (3, 6, 9, 12 months). When you know you just need 1 focused session where you want to be mirrored on whatever you bring to the table during for 2 hours.

(When you're an existing or former client, send my team an email with your request and we'll offer you the inner circle rate for this session).

Exclusive & Personalized

Direct, privately holding space, adjusted to you, your scope and needs.
Focused on your specific situation, questions, story, desires and challenges - to accelerate your growth and transformation and help you shift in your awakening process.

High impact, fast results

During this single session of Freedom Code™ coaching: 

  1. we will dive right into what's holding you back from shifting naturally into your next level
  2. I help you tap into your unique Code to Freedom™, which will bring results in your life as well as your work.

We will dive in directly with chit chatting around. That means you can expect clarity and transformations towards your desired situation. 

Read below more on how we would work together and why it will work impactfully for you too:

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