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You Can Now Crack Your Own Code!

The Freedom Code™Program is the most juicy and powerful program I have ever offered, and that I have been guided to create in this specific time we live in.

This program where I poured the best of my best of 20+ years of knowledge in a beautiful and powerful cocktail of life and business growth, is set up in a way that is offers you and other conscious purpose driven men and women within during a full year to find liberate yourself from all that is (invisibly) holding you back, to feel free and alive, to feel connected in an empowered and authentic way and to grow and elevate beyond your own imagination.

A yearlong container where I hold space for you to clear the depths that have been holding you back, and to rise beyond your own limitations.

A year where authenticity, impact & joy will (finally) come together. Where you'll find your own personal (and very unique) Code To Freedom™ to heal what's holding you back in life, love and leadership. So you can be the person you're meant to be without holding back.

Expect this:

  • Profound & meaningful work
  • Fast results + deep integration
  • Inner work that reflects in bright tangible external results
  • Holistic approach, we work on all levels mind, heart, body, spirit, practical
  • Touching all areas in life: personal growth, relationships, family system, spiritual awakening, energetic activation, work & business, impact & leadership
  • Proven methodology that goes where others don't dare to go
  • Deep transformations. Not just one, but a year long journey full of amazing and powerful transformations.

This powerful program offers you an incredibly all-in-one year-round journey towards:

  • Finding your own unique Code To Freedom™ Blueprint - which shows you how you are uniquely wired to thrive in life & business 
  • More inner freedom
  • More clarity on all levels life and business
  • Pleasantly working and leveraging your energy in an effective and expansive way
  • Finding & working your purpose
  • Getting access to ALL of your full potential (also the last 20% where most people don't get to)
  • Reclaiming your power, speaking your truth in an authentic way and expanding your presence
  • Leading with impact
  • Creating your own ripple from the newly found freedom


How the magic happens...

The program will not only help you to find your own personal (and very unique) Code To Freedom™ Blueprint, to heal what's holding you back in life, love and leadership. I will also help you to excel and expand. And most importantly it will help you to integrate the new version of yourself that you will get to know :-) It will feel new to you, but know this is the you, you authentically are. It's like coming home to yourself. I will support you to go into the world as this renewed free empowered version, as during this process of integration the actual work is done. It is here where we create sustainable and long lasting results for you. It is the reason I invite you on this year long, 4-season wide, all including journey.


Proven methodology

I created The Freedom Code™ as a methodology based on my 20 years of experience and knowledge, but as much as important as that: it's rooted in my own life's story where I almost lost my freedom for good and got to experience my own way of finding my code to freedom.

The kind of freedom that doesn't depend on external circumstances, expectations and other people - but on deep knowing of who you are, connecting to your purpose, finding and integrating ALL of who you are, and having access to all 100% of your potential.

Ever since I've worked with over 4500 people and helped both men and women break through the often invisible blocks that are holding them back from living their desired lives and from the impact they want to have.


Welcome, you beautiful being!

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"I just want to be in the room with Leontine, as often as possible, because everytime I immediately feel myself being centred, things become clear, and I feel my energy flowing back to me."

Sarah Wild - Movement Leader

"If you're a leader and want to step up to what you could really achieve AND feel good about the results or if you're an effective leader on the outside, but don't feel it on the inside, talk to Leontine."

Lynn Coleman - Copywriter & Copy Coach

"Leontine has been my guide to personal freedom and to impact in my business. She helped me find my 'key' to have it all with way more ease & joy than I had ever experienced before."

Shane Hugh - Entrepreneur

"Leontine helps you see the bigger picture of who you are. She helps you realize the true extent of your greatness, and shows you where you're stopping yourself from manifesting it right now."


Florus Verdysseldonk - Impact Videographer

"Leontine looks beyond what is done or said on the surface and taps into the energies and emotional state you're in.
She actually uses all layers to help you transform along your path, and does this with impact."

Marcella Hartjes - Coach

"In each next level of growth you find new layers in your limiting beliefs and patterns you thought you had already overcome. Every level a new devil: You simply can not take your next big leap without doing major next level inner work. When you feel you need a top coach to guide you in breaking through these barriers so you can allow massive growth, look no more, work with Leontine."

Marloes Halmans - CEO and business coach

Your guide to freedom

Leontine Boxem

Transformational Coach, BA (Hons) in Human Development, Psychosynthesis and Spiritual Psychologist, Author and Motivational Speaker.

  • 20 years of transformational personal, entrepreneurial and leadership development 
  • 5 years of battling and surviving severest cancer conditions… and frequently proofing outspoken life limits to be wrong
  • Inspired thousands of participants, readers and clients, to step into their authenticity, unique life and freedom.
  • Light- and Shadow worker
  • Systemic coach
  • Healer, energetic coach
  • Single Mother of 3
  • Survivor of blood cancer
  • Leaper in Life. Big time
  • Multi-passionate and -talented
  • Manifesting Generator
  • Lover of Nature, sea, mountains
  • Painter, poet and dancer
  • Living on a magical Spanish island Ibiza
  • Working with international clientele both online as in person (Ibiza/ The Netherlands).



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