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Start:  September 2022

In September 2022 the first cohort of The Freedom Code™ Impact program will kick off.

A yearlong container where Leontine holds space for you to rise beyond your own limitations.
A year where authenticity, impact and joy meet.
An incredibly powerful all-in-one year-round journey towards:

  • your unique Code To Freedom™, get your own blueprint of how you are uniquely wired to thrive in life & business 
  • become free inside
  • know & work your purpose, get access to ALL of your full potential - also the last 20% where most people don't get to)
  • reclaim your power, work your energy and expand your presence
  • lead with impact
  • create your own ripple from the newly found freedom

Fill in this form to join the VIP waitlist and be the first to know when we are opening up the (pre-launch process (and you get to know all extras and bonuses that are only available when signing up in early stages). By filling in this form you are not obliged to anything. You will just get a special treatment als appreciation of connecting and sharing your interest already!

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"I just want to be in the room with Leontine, as often as possible, because everytime I immediately feel myself being centred, things become clear, and I feel my energy flowing back to me."

Sarah Wild - Movement Leader

"If you're a leader and want to step up to what you could really achieve AND feel good about the results or if you're an effective leader on the outside, but don't feel it on the inside, talk to Leontine."

Lynn Coleman - Copywriter & Copy Coach

"Leontine has been my guide to personal freedom and to impact in my business. She helped me find my 'key' to have it all with way more ease & joy than I had ever experienced before."

Shane Hugh - Entrepreneur

"Leontine helps you see the bigger picture of who you are. She helps you realize the true extent of your greatness, and shows you where you're stopping yourself from manifesting it right now."


Florus Verdysseldonk - Impact Videographer

"Leontine looks beyond what is done or said on the surface and taps into the energies and emotional state you're in.
She actually uses all layers to help you transform along your path, and does this with impact."

Marcella Hartjes - Coach

"In each next level of growth you find new layers in your limiting beliefs and patterns you thought you had already overcome. Every level a new devil: You simply can not take your next big leap without doing major next level inner work. When you feel you need a top coach to guide you in breaking through these barriers so you can allow massive growth, look no more, work with Leontine."

Marloes Halmans - CEO and business coach



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