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Leontine Boxem
Transformational Breakthrough Expert, International Author &  Speaker

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  • 2020 - Co-author #1 Amazon bestseller "Women Like Me", compiled by Julie Fairhurst. Rockstar Publishing. Chapter title: "How To Own Your Life And Become Finally Free"
  • 2020 - E-book 'My Story, How To Become Finally Free."
  • 2020 - Ebook 'Resilience-kit for the moments where you feel triggered and challenged - 5 tips to build and grow your 'resilience-muscle'
  • 2020 - Ebook 'Thriving after Crisis'
  • 2019 - E-book '6 phases of the Big Leap process -  how to make bold choices with ease and joy."
  • 2019 - 'Power of Imperfection' online summit with guest speakers hosted by Leontine Boxem
  • 2019 - Book 'The Creative Book of Letting Go, Receive what want to come your way'. Original title: 'Het Creatieve Boek van Loslaten -  leer in 7 stappen loslaten en krijg (misschien wel voor het eerst) wérkelijk grip op je leven.' Im-perfect Publishing ISBN 978-90-82590-1-7.
  • 2018 - E-book 'The (non)sense of Highly Sensitive People'. Original title: 'De Zin en Onzin van HSP'
  • 2018 - 'The iOpener Podcast, Turn Your Mess into Your Message' interview series, hosted by Leontine Boxem.
  • 2016 - Book 'Confront Your Control Monster, receive what wants to come your way'. Original title: 'Confronteer Je Controle Monster- en ontvang wat er naar je toe wil komen' . Im-Perfect Publishing 978-90-825950-0-0.
  • 2013 - Co-author 'Self-directed bottom-up organization' Original title: 'Zelfsturing, bottom up organiseren', compiled by Martijn Aslander. Van Gorcum Publisher. ISBN 978-90-232-51-972. Chapter title: 'Look for and empower the human factor in every leader'.
  • 2008 - Book 'Renewal is for the crazy ones - creative thinking from a new ethic'. Award winning, self published. Original title 'Vernieuwen is van de Gekke(n) - Creatief denken bezien vanuit nieuwe ethiek.' 

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About Leontine

Leadership Breakthrough Mentor - Transformational Coach.
BA (Hons) in Human Development, Psychosynthesis, Systemic Work and Spiritual Psychologist & Leadership - International Author & Motivational Speaker. 

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"It was March 18th 2014 when I silently drove with my then husband to the hospital with a quickly filled bag in the back of the car. It’s a ride I will never forget. I looked at him after 10 minutes of tensed silence and said: ‘I’m not ready to die yet'."

The Story of My Life

The woman who miraculously survived and learned what true freedom means. Download my full story and background:

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"Leontine is known for her fast, seemingly simple but deep & profound guidance in the transformation process.

Working with her leads to fast but deep; and brings forth results I never thought possible.

Her personal touch has moved me on a deep level and has left behind a new version of myself that is more authentic, present and more enjoyable."

Steven Cage, Entrepreneur

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