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The 'Free & Unstoppable Podcast' will be re-launched in October 2021

The podcast will be a combination of teachings to reflect on and inspire you on your path, and interviews with inspiring guest speakers. Both in Dutch & English.

If you are an inspiring motivational speaker and want to be featured on my platform, send me an email at [email protected] 

"While I was a mother of three young children, I got an aggressive form of acute leukemia. I looked right into Death’s eyes twice, underwent utterly inhuman treatments, received a stem cell transplantation and miraculously managed to survive. There was no complaining; I was full of optimism because I knew that I wasn’t finished here yet. And so it came to pass! I recovered from the disease and all the side effects, lovingly divorced the father of my children and started a new life and. One year later in July 2019 I moved to Ibiza with my three kids and business. It wasn’t easy, but it felt completely right.“

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