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Transformational Leadership

Being the leader, can be a lonely place.

We all need connection, being seen in who we truly are and what we deal with - and we all need external mirrors to help us grow beyond where we come ourselves.

Leaders are looking for inner peace, like everyone else.
We all need self confidence, self love and a sense of security.
We all have personal stuff coming up from time to time, especially when we're on the edge of a new level of growth. These are the moments where we can get in our own way, and need someone to hold space for us.

Big visions and missions - can contract big (unconscious) undercurrents which we cannot always detect ourselves. This is why you deserve someone having your back, holding space for both your darkest moments (every level, has its own devils) and your highest purpose and vision. So you can grow your authentic and synchronous leadership from within.

Book your call to see what difference this will make for yourself, your life, your projects and business

  • "When you need a top coach to guide you in breaking through existing barriers, so you can allow massive growth, look no further, work with Leontine. "

    M. Halmans - CEO Happy at Work Agency & Business Mentor

    "You see the essence, the Soul. Because you see what is not yet aware, it also becomes visible to me. And I loved your live presence."

    Eline Ferwerda - Intuition Coach

    "Leontine helps you see the bigger picture of who you are. She makes you realize the true extend of your greatness, and shows you where you're stopping yourself from manifesting it right now."

    F.Verdysseldonk - Impact Videographer

    I help transformational leaders to live their full impact, with focus on personal level as well as business level.

    We’re combining these two, because you want to create authentic impact and transform things super aligned and synchronous as transformational leader in your business movement while creating a new world.

    One of my expertises is connecting to the undercurrent, where you sabotage yourself from living your full impact as transformational leader. That is very much needed, especially when you feel you don’t have that going on, because it’s always there. It’s inherent to growth.

    Especially if you have big plans and vision, if you feel a huge purpose and have the strength to create change in this world, for sure there are undercurrents inside yourself and your system - holding yourself back from reaching that goal. From experience I know the more powerful one is, the depth of your strength and purpose and abilities is - the stronger the unseen unconscious unseen resistant in the undercurrent is. And the more necessary  external guidance is. 

    I also know there are not many people who can easily see and connect to those strong undercurrents - and have the guts to go there - because this is not a joyful field.

    It’s holding space for what one cannot hold himself, therefore cannot see and it’s needed, because only then you can fully, without restrictions create and live that impact - that is connected to your soul's purpose.

    Book your call to find out how we could work together and what this will mean for you, your projects and your future in life and business movement.

  • Leontine Boxem

    Transformational Coach, BA (Hons) in Human Development, Psychosynthesis and Spiritual Psychologist, Author and Speaker.

  • 20 years of transformational personal, entrepreneurial and leadership development 

  • 5 years of battling and surviving severest cancer conditions… and frequently proofing outspoken life limits to be wrong

  • Inspired thousands of participants, readers and clients, to step into their authenticity, unique life and freedom.