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Life and business in ease, joy and impact. Now.

Let’s end the silent suffering now.  

One millimeter off tracks on the vinyl record can create the most beautiful piece of music into a horror trip for your ears. The same happens in our life or business, when something is not in line. The crux:

We are so strong and enduring, that we almost accept it as normal. But it is not. And you know it. 

Let’s get you back on track. I see you; I sense the slightest misfits in tones; and I know how to handle the darkest moments before a breakthrough. We walk together, until you create the life and impact you want. 

You will receive instant relief tools while we find and clear the deepest roots of what is hindering or holding you back. Often intangible, unconscious, but with huge effects. You will step into your power and freedom. You find your authenticity. You are able to master the headwinds of daily life as your new, real, game changing self. You will love it: Because everything that is real and comes from within has enormous impact.  

Tired of those extra turns or dead-end roads? Of rough and tough times? Of burnout or dis-ease instead of ease? 

Of avoiding speaking your truth? Of living for others more than for yourself? Of the lack of true deep connection?

Then let’s talk and see if we fit together in a first clearing session. It is free of charge.

Pick your favorite time for our call here. I very much look forward to coming in touch with you. 

  • Leontine Boxem

    Transformational Coach, BA (Hons) in Human Development, Psychosynthesis and Spiritual Psychologist, Author and Speaker.

  • 20 years of transformational personal, entrepreneurial and leadership development 

  • 5 years of battling and surviving severest cancer conditions… and frequently proofing outspoken life limits to be wrong

  • Inspired thousands of participants, readers and clients, to step into their authenticity, unique life and freedom. 

  • Are you ready to go the crucial step further until you really get it? Are you not sure yet? Are you shivering with fear while feeling the importance? Then let’s talk. Step into your authenticity, unique life and freedom.

    Life-changing Guidance

    For others it's business. For me it's personal.

    I do my work with heart and soul.

    My mission

    It’s my joy and purpose to help others find their way to inner freedom, so they can have impact with their life, in the way they desire.

    Once you’ve cleared all obstacles inside yourself, you’re free to be intentional about HOW you leave your footprint in this world - may it be from raising consciousness, to creating opportunities for your children's children, to leaving your legacy with purpose filled work.

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