How Healy helps me thrive after hardship, stress, crisis, illness and cancer leftovers


People send me messages with compliments and ask me, how I manage to glow and shine so much, while

  • still recovering from big surgery with wounds that still are not healed 🔥
  • three kids around who will be still in holiday for a long time 🔥 
  • the heavy energies that are running the show these months 🔥
  • this constant thread of a fearful society since Covid19 arrived 🔥
  • inability to host my Ibiza retreats  due to ‘Code Orange’🔥
  • at the same time elevating my business after a great awakening🔥
  • all the usual human feelings up and down we all have 🔥


One of my biggest secrets (besides my never ending positive mindset and desire to live and make the best out of every day) is that I worked on my energy. In more than one way, but an absolute big help is my Healy.

It’s magic for body, mind, emotions and energy system. 
I use it every day, and sometimes during the night for good sleep and letting go.

Read on to see what result I get, how I use it and how it may be incredible helpful for you too.

What’s a Healy?

The Healy is a small pocket-size little device, that gives frequency therapy. The Healy is a medical device and wearable.

How can I summarize it? 
It’s like all the bio-resonance consults and treatments, sleep-treatment, healing sessions, pain relief and prevention treatment, and immune booster in 1 little device (7,5×7,5 cm).  You connect it to your mobile with bluetooth to download the program you want to use, than you just need your little Healy, which you can clip onto your clothes. There are many program groups, with sub programs (here you find an overview of the programs). Depending on the type of Healy you have, you have access to more or less programs. Update later is always possible. 

How I use it now:
During the day I use it for balancing energies, increasing my energy (bio-energetically regeneration), letting go of whatever needs to be let go, rebuilding my bio-energetic system or for raising my vibration directly.

👉Regular use for detoxing (from narcosis and antibiotics) and regulating my lymphatic system (something normally is really hard to reach), and reduce pain if it’s there.

👉 Before the night I use it to relax fully and get better sleep than ever before (after 11 years of bad sleep and 4 years of sleep medication!).

People are noticing my good energy – and start asking. 

That’s just the best proOF how much effect it has.

When I just discovered it, I said
‘Every house should have a Healy, like standard equipment.
 To heal, to solve to raise and mostly to prevent.’

Use of the Healy can be for yourself, your children and partner.

Other people use it successfully for:

  • Migraine
  • Anxiety
  • Lower back pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Sleep (like deep sleep!)
  • Fibrosis
  • Relief of acute, chronic, and arthritis pain
  • Relief of muscle soreness due to overexertion
  • Burnout
  • Stress relief
  • Depression feelings
  • Fitness
  • Studying/ concentrating
  • Skin issues
  • and many more

In pretty short… the Healy is designed to support you in stressful situations during the day, help you recover more easily and find peace in the evening.

Without going to the doctor, your healer or coach. Just in the safe surroundings of your own home, while you’re on your way (bike, car, airplane), working in your office or walking outside.

Is this some kind of network marketing?

Yes and no.

Yes, you don’t buy in in a normal shop, but with someone you know. And yes, that person will get a commision.
No, because it’s not a system where you need to keep on buying (and for the sellers, to keep on pushing).

You just buy it or not.
You sell it or not.

No strings attached. So, not the pushy feeling of networkmarketing.

And yes, the pro’s of getting commissions:

> Imagine you use this Healy like me, and can only speak with love and praise about it, other people hear you and ask about it, of course you’re happy to help them to get their own Healy (and get rewarded as well).

> Imagine you’re getting compliments and questions from people in your surroundings asking you what happened, you share what happend (you start using the Healy) and they just want to try it too!! You see, this has nothing to do with pushy selling. And everything with raising your vibrations and help others to do the same.

How did I ended up in this ‘business’?

When I came out of the hospital in June, a friend told me she wanted me to use her Healy because she knew it would help me tremendously. I told her no (because I’ve been in networking before and I didn’t felt like it again), and after a while I told her ‘ok I will use it, but know that I won’t buy one from you’. Haha, little did I know what a gift a Healy is for my body, nervous system and energy!!

So no, I did NOT buy it myself to become a Healy seller, I bought it for my own health, energy and recovery and sleep. However I am a partner and can help you find your Healy as well.

So no, I wasn’t  active in the Healy business that much, but  In the mean time, I’ve helped many others to get their own Healy – just because I wrote about it and shared my experience. Plus, they see me glow on social media 🙂 Oh yes, I got great commissions over the once other people bought through my link. I do not know many places where you get 20-40% commission plus all kind of extra bonuses.

Investing in a Healy is a big choice, it’s not cheap. Until you know what it does for you (and your family and clients), but you first need to trust that – let’s say it’s an investment in your health, energy and level of well being.

Where to find more information, how to order and where to find the discount codes:

This is not something you buy in a shop, you buy it via a person. So it best be me 😊

I know you’re a smart cookie and know your way around Google. I advise you to USE THE LINK I’LL SEND YOU and you will get it via me – this means I can help you through with it, we are in this together, and yes I will also get a commission. But mainly, we will grow even faster as an energetic family. 

Let’s raise our vibes and resonate even higher!



ORDER YOUR HEALY (or upgrade):

When you want to purchase your own Healy with me, use these links only! But first contact me, because you need to know certain little things to let it all go smooth and well:

  • For Europe: the prices are including taxes. So when you order it for your business prices will be less.
  • Choose which Healy fits your desires, needs and wallet: 
  • Healy Gold – Normal Price 505,- incl.
    Programs: Gold  Cycle, plus one extra program group of your choice.
  • Healy Holistic Health – Normal price 1.013,- incl. 
    Programs: Gold Cycle, Pain / Psyche, Mental Balance, Bioenergetic Balance 1 + 2, Skin, Sleep, Meridians 1 + 2.
  • Healy Holistic Health Plus – Normal price 1.522,-
    Programs: Same as HHH, plus Protection Programs, Learn/Study, Fitness, Profession, Chakra’s, Beauty. (this is more than 120 different frequency programs from 16 categories for all areas of life. This Healy has all the available programs.
  • Healy Resonance – Normal price €2.538,- incl. 
    Programs: Same as the HHHP, and  also Aura and Resonance module, including self-diagnosis app which shows you what you can use today. Most important: you can now use it wirelessly!You can then send these frequencies wirelessly to yourself or others. You can also choose to do certain programs that, for example, score high in the analysis or programs you want to work on yourself, via the wristbands. Healy recommends doing a maximum of 3 programs with the wristbands / ear clips / adhesive electrodes in 1 day. In addition, you can still send extra frequencies to yourself when you have the Resonance. This is also interesting for therapists with their own practice. You can then treat people remotely.


➡️ Feel free to email me for more information + links in your your country and language. I’m happy to help you through the practical points of this process and help you choose your ideal Healy.

Hope this will come to your path at the right time.
Like it did for me!

Let me know if you have any questions.


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