What leaders need to know about trauma

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Why it is that if you want to be free as a leader or entrepreneur - it's important to see trauma for what it actually is? What does that look like and how do we sabotage ourselves (and others) when we ignore trauma as an essential aspect? Let's dive in...


What will you learn in this article?

🏹 The relation between facing trauma and you being free and reaching your desired goals while feeling good about it.

 🏹 Why  many leaders want to AVOID the topic of trauma, and why that isn't a smart or necessary thing :-)

🏹 Why many people MISUNDERSTAND what trauma actually is about.

🏹 3 aspects of trauma you can be surprised by.


Why do we need to know about trauma?

Why it is that if you want to be free as a leader or entrepreneur - it's important to see trauma for what it actually is

  1. Because we all have to deal with it sooner or later. You, me, and all those people you'll work with. Imagine not dealing with this partourselvesvers and others, it would mean ignoring an important part in ALL of us. 

  2. Because not dealing with trauma causes many blocks in our growth and expansion. Think about your own life, your business, your level of fulfillment, your leadership, your impact. We can only grow as far as we are healed. Yep. No escape there. And of course this is also true for all the people you will work with!

  3. Because having the wrong idea around trauma and healing it - will cost you a lot in the long run. It will even lead in many cases to not reaching desired goals or desired state of feeling while working on those goals. It will limit you in what's possible for you and how good you will feel along the journey towards your goals.

Many people MISUNDERSTAND what trauma actually is about and want to avoid the topic because it kind of scares them.

Let me tell you this: Knowing what trauma really is about, how to look at it from a different perspective and learn easy ways to heal it.... it will dismantle "it" from its sabotaging power over you and the process of reaching your goals in life and business.


Foundation is essential

THIS is why I spend a good amount of focus and time on this topic inside my "Find Your Code To Freedom™" program. I cannot express enough how important it is to get the foundational essentials in place FIRST, before we work on expanding impact, success, calling in more money, the right clients, finding the beautiful balance between true fulfillment and success, creating powerful relationships and more.

We do a whole section on trauma. And I can share this new perspective on trauma will probably surprise you a lot.

3 aspects of trauma that might surprise you

Let me share here 3 hints already:

  1. Trauma doesn't have to be a tragic big event
     🏹 Trauma can be big or small, it can be a huge devastating event, or it can be 1 small little thing an important person said to you at a certain moment that has imprinted you and your belief-system.

  2. Trauma isn't at all about the thing that happened to you 
    🏹 it is about what happened inside of YOU while encountering this big or small moment. Essential is to take off the focus of that what happened or those who were involved - there never lies the answer to your freedom.

  3. Healing from trauma doesn't always have to be hard and taking a long journey 
    🏹 You would be surprised how fast and easy you could heal from big things - once you find the right angle to do it - this all lies within YOUR code to freedom.

Want to learn more in depth how this could apply to you? 
What good can come from getting to know your (and other's) trauma from a new fresh and powerful perspective?

Book your free Roadmap session today.

Is it worth it?

Yes. No doubt about that. It will be less scary and messy than you might think up front. Just know and trust, there's so much beauty, ease and impact for you at the other side of healing your trauma!

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