Leontine Boxem

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Leontine Boxem (1976) knows and shows everything is possible, when you have the courage and guts to go for it. She leads her clients to become free and unstoppable themselves. The clue is to come 100% in line with one’s true self, as everything that is real and comes from within has enormous impact. 

She works both online and in person with her international clients, from coaches, entrepreneurs, speakers, leaders or to leading cancer survivors. They come to Ibiza (Spain) for one-on-one and/or group retreats; they receive worldwide online private coaching sessions; work with her in her signature group program The Free & Unstoppable Breakthrough Program; or when suited are guided in person in Holland.  


Transformational Coach, BA (Hons) in Human Development, Psychosynthesis and Spiritual Psychologist, Author and Speaker.

  •  20 years of transformational personal, entrepreneurial and leadership development
  • 5 years of battling and surviving severest cancer conditions… and frequently proofing outspoken life limits to be wrong
  • Originally from The Netherlands, since years living and feeling home on the Spanish island Ibiza with her 3 children.
  • Inspired thousands of participants, readers and clients, to step into their authenticity, unique life and freedom. 

"It was March 18th 2014 when I silently drove with my then husband to the hospital with a quickly filled bag in the back of the car. It’s a ride I will never forget. I looked at him after 10 minutes of tensed silence and said: ‘I’m not ready to die yet'."


The Story of My Life

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"The woman who miraculously survived and learned what true freedom means." 

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Let me hold space for you + 
Let me be the mirror to your wholeness and greatness

Working with me, you'll notice I'll hold space for both your darkest moments and deepest fears as for your highest purpose and potential. While I'm holding that humongous space for you, you can lean into all that needs to be seen and felt. You can slowly liberate yourself and open up in life, love and leadership. 

Getting to know your story, owning your story and transform into possibilities and joy - is the essence. I believe your story holds your truth. Once you’re fully able to OWN and integrate your story, you will feel FREE and PRESENT like never before.

Knowing your story gives you the power you want to have in life, some write it and some only know it. It leads you to know your purpose and to clear the stuff that holds you back to be free & unstoppable.


Yes, I'm in - this is what I need

For others it's business, for me it's personal.

I do my work with heart and soul.

Everything in my life's story has led up to this moment where I am connected to my purpose, my mission, my authentic power, my own methodology and amazing beautiful clients who are like me, on their way to fully owning the story of their lives (because they know and feel, everything what's authentic and connected inside, will be successful and fulfilling).


My mission

It’s my joy and purpose to help others find their way to inner freedom, so they can have impact with their life, in the way they desire. That may be in relationships, business, collaborations, book publishing, serving others, parenting, or living and leading after difficult life stories or illness.

Once you’ve cleared all obstacles inside yourself, you’re free to be intentional about HOW you leave your footprint in this world - may it be from raising consciousness, to creating opportunities for your children's children, to leaving your legacy with purpose filled work.

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