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One millimeter off tracks on the vinyl record can create the most beautiful piece of music into a horror trip for your ears. 

The same happens in our life or business, when something is not in line. 

The crux is, we are so strong and enduring, that we almost accept it as normal.But it is not. And you know it. 

Getting back into your power, is about getting back to your essence.
Meaning: we'll go inwards first, to create unimaginary outer results.


Exclusive & Personalized 1:1 Coaching

Direct, privately holding space, adjusted to your time, scope and needs. Focused on your specific situation, questions, story, desires and challenges - to accelerate your growth and transformation. 

All 1-on-1 coaching programs start with a deep dive session followed by a longer period of working together to make sure your changes successfully conquer the normal obstacles of life & work.

Private spots are limited, and only possible when I feel a deep 'yes' to your journey and desire and readiness to grow and evolve, once we've met through a connection call. You need to be ready. This is why we celebrate huge wins in short amount of time with the little drama and deep transformations.

Topics or questions can be all you bring to the table.  From specific goal to knowing having someone along your side as sounding board and guide who sees and detects undercurrents that are holding you back.

Specific topics (optional): Stepping into your full power, Being visible, Real Leadership, Authentic Speaking, Relation, Thriving and leading after crisis, Conscious and Soulful leading after Cancer and illness, Personal Leadership, Leading Edge Leadership, Leaving your legacy, Writing (and publishing) your story, Expanding (real) Impact, Adding ease, joy and fulfillment to your successful job.


How it works

  • I see you; I sense the slightest misfits in tones; and I know how to handle the darkest moments before a breakthrough.
  • We walk together, until you create the life and impact you want. 
  • You commit to a full year, 4 seasons (or at least 6 months) of working together, to make sure your transformations and changes successfully conquer the normal obstacles of life (because they will show up, that's only natural).
  • We work together in a 1-on-1 setting, sometimes combined with a part in group-setting. This will be online or in-person in Ibiza (often a combination of both).
  • You will receive instant relief tools while we find and clear the deepest roots of what is hindering or holding you back. Often intangible, unconscious, but with huge effects
  • You will step into your power and freedom.
  • You'll find and expand your authenticity.
  • You are able to master the headwinds of daily life as your new, real, game changing self.
  • You will learn how to translate the heaviness of 'the story  of your life', into your purpose (how you're meant to be & what you're meant to do) with clear sight on your unique qualities and reasons in life. 
  • You will experience more lightness, space and energy into your daily life, your relationships and your work.
  • You will love it: Because everything that is real and comes from within has enormous impact.  


Let me help you find that final piece of the puzzle, and set you up for a LIFE in FREEDOM, so you can honor your life and follow your unique path with ease & joy.

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Let my story inspire you to find YOUR keys to becoming Free & Unstoppable!

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