Imagine what it would mean for you to finally OWN YOUR STORY and BENEFIT from it (in an authentic way)?

I’m here to help you. 
It’s my super power to hold space for both your darkest fears and your highest vision (and everything in between) – so that you will find the courage to open up about your true story, set yourself free and create results you don’t even know where possible.

”I now see my essence.”

“You see the essence, the Soul. 
Because you sse what I’m not yet aware, it also becomes visible to me. And I loved experiencing your live presence.

E.Ferweda, Intuition Coach

Once you’ve found the courage to open up about your true story, you’ll feel free and alive – and be massively attractive and inspiring to other people. You will now be aligned to people who are resonating with you and your message – because you’ve created this authentic alignment.
Nothing more peaceful, joyful and effective than that.

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Leontine Boxem is the Master Life Coach for changemakers, leaders and purpose driven entrepreneurs. She’s an award-winning author and speaker. Her work is deeply rewarding and transformational and she’s a woman who leads by example.
She’s a leading expert in authentic leadership, inner freedom, thriving after crisis and leading after living with cancer and is known for her hands-on shadow work (‘we go deep without drama’).

In her work she combines psychological science, spiritual practices, years of experience and creative mentorship.

Her mission is to end the silence and loneliness around personal struggles in leadership, to hold space for those who hold space for others and to show them how owning the difficult parts of their life’s story, welcome them as a true gift and so fully OWN their life’s story – will make them even more free and powerful, since this will lead them into their Souls mission and Legacy.

As a survivor of leukemia (blood cancer) she transformed her crisis into the biggest gift and vision for her life. Now she thrives by sharing that gift with others. This is where her Game Changers Legacy™ method was developed that she now uses in private mentoring as well in here signature group program.

“You give me what I need, not what I ask.

Leontine identifies the pain points in a loving way”

-Jetske Osterthun, Leaders and teachers – coach

”I wish everyone could experience this!”

I couldn’t have imagined beforehand what an inner transformation the retreat to Ibiza would bring me. All my thinking and actions have changed. I am so grateful for what I now know. The cogs that were subtly set in motion then have set my inner motor running full speed.  I am now at my own helm. I wish everyone could experience this!

S. Siroo-Huijben, Illustrator & Coach

I look forward to helping you feel completely free 

and step into your next level with ease and joy,

so you create REAL impact while being completely yourself.


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