The Big Leap-expert & Mentor
to leaders, change-makers, visionaries from all over the world

“Look no more, work with Leontine!”

“In each next level of growth you find new layers in your limiting beliefs and patterns you thought you had already overcome. Every level a new devil: You simply can not take your next big leap without doing major next level inner work.    When you feel you need a top coach to guide you in breaking through these barriers so you can allow massive growth, look no more, work with Leontine. ‘

– Marloes Halmans, CEO The Happy at Work Agency & Business Mentor

I have wonderful news! LeontineBoxem  is going global!

Yes, I makes big leaps myself, all the time 🙂

Come back in January 2020!  Beautiful stuff will come up!
It would be my joy to help you get ready for your next big leap and guide you on your journey into Heartfelt Leadership. 

Don’t want to wait?
Watch my videos (you will get the vibe!!)  & book a call to see if and how we can work together.
 See u soon!


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